Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just like the FC-10W shoulder mount of Filmcity this MB-77 matte box with barn door is priced very competitively.

Filmcity MB-77 Matte Box
Filmcity MB-77 Matte Box
At just under $25 this is probably one of the cheapest matte boxes around. If you are familiar with normal matte box prices this price will shock you.

Oke, so is the Filmcity MB-77 Matte Box any good?? 

Simple answer: NO!!

It does what a matte box is supposed to do, which is to reduce or eliminate lens flare. However the plastic hooks that secure the barn doors are extremely fragile and I broke mine within 1 hour of using it.

The lack of proper securing pins also cause the barn doors to move around with heavy camera movement. 
Simply put, you get what you pay for, which is a cheap product.

So looking for a cheap matte box that adds volume to your rig setup?? Then get this, however if you are looking for one that will last you a bit longer keep looking.

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