Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 AND Atomos Samurai COMBO setup on Canon 550D/T2i

As an indie filmaker you start small and hope to grow, therfore I like to also include some hardware I have used or am using that is a little more advanced for the people that are considering moving up.

Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 video recorder
Hyperdeck Shuttle 2 video recorder

Uncompressed fast and efficient recording. Perserving a lot of detail for color correcting and color grading.

First thing you might ask why why why, would you use two recorders?

Simple answers: we were shooting on a canon 550D/T2i and needed a high def monitor and since we already owned a Samurai....
Atomos Samurai
Atomos Samurai 
The Samurai function as a nice improvement compared to the standard 550D screen. Since this camera does not have SDI out ,the samurai can't connect with it directly.

So it goes: 550D/T2i --> Hyperdeck --> Samurai

One of the major benefits of this setup is the fact that you can easily integrate your "indie" setup in more professional productions. So if you are freelancing for a big production you can easily bring your samurai and hyperdeck which can both connect very well with the more high end camera's and other equipment.

Con's of the Hyperdeck
  • Not really plug and play device, even though it is presented as such.
    • Needs an important firmware update after unboxing or you will not record in ProRes. 
    • Watch your canon 550D/T2i hdmi output settings very carefully, or the hyperdeck will record the actual live footage (battery indicator and all!) and not just the clean video. 
    • Needs an mac type operating environment to be formatted in. Can be done in windows by using software like MacDrive.
  • Will only accept very specific high speed ssd's


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