Saturday, May 11, 2013

Get your Redhead lighting ON!!

Readhead lighting will make your live as an indie filmmaker so much easier. Get these Readhead lights and you will see your productions skyrocket in quality (unless you are already using Arri lights of course).

Redhead Lighting
Redhead Lighting

I found a site that makes getting Redhead Lighting a no brainer, since the are only $38 a piece for 800W lights. You can get them even cheaper if you purchase the set that they sell.

So why get Redhead Lights? Simple!

You get control over your intensity and you get a lot of light, which is crucial to those DSLR sensors. Most indie filmmakers are using 550D's and 5D's and even if you are using other Canon cameras or those of Nikon you will suffer from having to little light for your sensor.

This problem can easily be solved by getting Redhead Lighting. Just purchase three Redhead lights and you immediately have your three point lighting. Even though the color temperature is not perfect you can easily work around this with CTBs and CTOs (gel filters).

The Redheads even come with barn doors so you can direct your light more precise and attach your gels to them. Just use some black wrap or anything else to eliminate the light spill.

So throw away your construction light (better yet don't ever get construction lights) and upgrade to Redhead Lighting. At these prices they are even cheaper then construction lights (at least in my area). 


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